Hair Extensions Method

Nowadays, there are many different methods of hair extensions, which differ in terms of application technique, price, durability and hair … Read MoreHair Extensions MethodRead More >Hair Extensions Method

Nowadays, there are many different methods of hair extensions, which differ in terms of application technique, price, durability and hair care. Below, we show you how long hair extensions can keep your hair looking and feeling its best.

Why Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are a quick and effective way to change your hairstyle – growing your own hair can take months and may not bring the desired results, especially for people with delicate, brittle, splitting or frequently styled and coloured hair.

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Today, advances in hairdressing techniques make it possible for every woman to enjoy long, shiny and natural-looking hair. That is why more and more women opt for hair extensions, whether for special occasions such as weddings and other parties or simply to look attractive every day.

Different Methods Durability of Hair Extensions

One of the questions that people often have about hair extensions is how long they will last. There is no clear-cut answer to this question, as it depends mainly on the method used.

The most popular methods used today are the keratin method, the sandwich method and the tape method as well as the ultrasound method and the clip in method. Keratin extensions, which are based on the use of special seals, allow you to enjoy an extended or thickened hairstyle for up to four months, while the sandwich method and the tape method, which involve attaching strands of hair to your own hair, give effects for up to six months, but on average you have to visit your hairdresser every two months to pull up the extensions, which get lower as your hair grows. The ultrasonic method, which uses special waves to bond the hair extensions to your natural hair, also has a shelf life of about six months.

A slightly different method is clip in, which involves attaching hair extensions using special clips – this procedure is not permanent and can be done by yourself at home and can be easily removed at any time. With proper care and storage, clip-in strands can last for a really long time.

What else determines how long the hair extensions will last?

Not only the choice of method affects the length of time you will enjoy beautiful and natural looking hair extensions. The quality of the hair and the materials used for application are also important (it is therefore better to choose natural hair and a reputable hairdressing salon or store, where you buy your hair extensions).

Both with permanent hair extension methods and the clip in method, it is important to use gentle cosmetics, without alcohol, which can quickly dry out the attached strands and make them brittle and vulnerable to damage. The hair must be combed properly, washed thoroughly, dried gently and moisturized with conditioners or masks. When styling with high temperatures it is essential to use heat protectant products, avoid chlorinated water and the scorching sun. Following these steps will give you the best possible chance of a long and beautiful hairstyle!