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A musical band that is in demand can grow their revenues from stay music by growing the variety of live shows and elevating the ticket prices. Even though the financial disaster of 2007–08 put a dent in the progress of the live music trade, it has nevertheless surpassed the recorded music industry in dimension. This is a further marker of the altering energy relationships within the music trade. It ought to be famous, though, that the boundaries between the three industries aren’t as clear as they were in the course of the pre-Internet period. Music firms, including Live Nation, function a common enterprise partner to artists and composers and assist their actions regardless of whether they concern reside live shows, merchandise, licensing, or distribution and promotion of recorded music to shoppers.

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Independent artists and small companies in every slice of the industry might be shut out. Live Nation’s consolidation of the industry was speedy and aggressive, spending round $1 billion in simply 18 months in the late Nineties buying independent concert promoters and venue owners. By 1999, when radio titan Clear Channel paid $4.four billion for the company , it was the biggest music venue proprietor and concert promoter. Just …