From 2D Illustration to 3D VR Art

The use of 2D illustration has been used in art despite its various limitations in expressing an image. However, the … Read MoreFrom 2D Illustration to 3D VR ArtRead More >From 2D Illustration to 3D VR Art

The use of 2D illustration has been used in art despite its various limitations in expressing an image. However, the use of 3D VR art has brought about the discovery of breathtaking virtual reality experiences in movies, video games, animatics, storyboards illustration for advertising, and much more.

3D VR art has the ability to create surreal worlds, which is made possible because it provides an experience that is happening in time and space at the same time. There is a limited view of an image in 2D, but 3D allows you to experience virtual reality, which makes an image or movie become more interesting.

Initially, it would take a long time and much effort to convert a 2D illustration into 3D VR art by joining different parts of an art piece to become one, but this problem has been solved with the use of VR art programs, which take less time to create a quality piece of art. Let’s discover some of the programs you can use to make 3D VR art.

Gravity Sketch

You can use this tool to draw freehand using smooth tools in a 3D space. Gravity sketch is a simple tool, but it has more potential in creating solid models as compared to Google and Oculus tools. Most of the tools that we are looking at here lack some important features in one way or another. You can get professional art services at the ilustra website and produce quality art, as they are well equipped with all the necessary tools and programs required.

Google Tilt Brush

The beauty of the Google Tilt Brush is that it allows you to paint inside a VR world with the option of using a variety of brushes. When using this tool, you are able to interact with the artwork and also share it as animated GIFs or as a room-scale VR masterpiece.

Unbound Alpha

This is a relatively new software in the market and it comes with the capability of boundless editing. You can use this software to do hand-sculpted and procedural 3D modeling, and you can also export your creations to OBJ files and 3D printers.

Substance Painter

This is a texturing app that gives life to creations for 3D animators and VFX studios. It has the advantage of unparalleled speed, flexibility, and visual quality, thereby making it more effective in creating 3D art.

Mozilla A-Painter

The Mozilla A-painter is a web-based interpretation of Tilt Brush. People who love Tilt Brush will definitely love Mozilla A-painter, too. To be able to use this app effectively, you need to have an HTC Vive headset and controllers as well as a Windows operating system.

Oculus Medium

You can use this VR tool to build complex structures and export high-res mashes for 3D modeling and printing by using the many varieties of the available prefabricated stamps. Oculus also has a community site where artists can share their artwork.